For a Brighter

I want to make Willowdale a safe, prosperous and beautiful place to live, work and raise a family.

Sonny Cho

How can we together build
a beautiful community and a great city?

Let's be honest

We need to cut wasteful expenses, control taxes, and improve services. But let’s not be fooled by unrealistic and short-sighted campaign promises that will inevitably be broken. Let us be honest and be considerate about what can realistically be achieved, responsibly, successfully, and with a clear conscience. Let’s focus on our community priorities and apply our resources wisely and carefully for our future.

Let's build relationships

By working together, we can make the creation of jobs, education, seniors and transportation priorities not just for Willowdale, but for all of Toronto. We share a common interest in a reliable and fast transportation network, and in a world-class education system. We also need to create and retain good jobs. We need strong, productive relationships with other levels of government to achieve these goals.

Let's bring out the best

We have an incredibly talented yet underutilized workforce in our communities that should realize its full potential. Let’s draw upon its considerable abilities and skills and ensure that qualified individuals are able to fully practice their trades, and that foreign trained professionals are not faced with undue hindrances.

Sonny on Key Issues

  • Keep traffic moving by keeping all Yonge Street lanes open.
  • Press the Ontario government to build a new Yonge/401 interchange.
  • Expand subway lines and transit network to make it easier to leave cars at home.
  • Control high-rise development until the infrastructure catches up.
  • Enforce tag and tow on illegally parked and stopped vehicles.
  • Maximize “smart” traffic signal system to allow more “green light time”.
  • Minimize road closures by coordinating communication among agencies.
  • Speed up the construction time by extending work hours.
  • Crack down on unnecessary lane closures and step up enforcement.
  • Keep all lanes open on Yonge Street so that inner streets are not clogged.
  • Rejuvenate the street to make it attractive and accessible to pedestrians, children, seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Build bicycle lanes on other roads to keep cyclists safe.
  • Plant more trees, install more benches and make it more pedestrian friendly.
  • Ensure that roads, sidewalks and paths are well maintained and safe for all to use year-round.
  • Utilize technology, including photo radar and speed monitors to deter speeding.
  • Redesign roads, intersections and sidewalks for safety.
  • Install more zebra markings at intersections.
  • Install new traffic lights, stop signs and speed bumps at dangerous intersections.
  • Reduce and enforce the speed limit on inner residential roads.
  • Make connections easier between different types of travel (car, bus, subway, bikes and GO Transit).
  • Expedite the delivery of approved subways and LRT projects.
  • Add more bus services to reduce the wait times.
  • Enhance accessibility for all users of roads and public transit, including persons with disabilities and mobility impairments.
  • Offer discounted/free passes for kids, seniors, low income workers and those on disability supports.
  • Integrate TTC fares with GO transit, offering a discount.
  • Keep pushing for faster and better service.
  • Deploy more police officers on the front lines to tackle gangs and gun crimes.
  • Provide modern innovative technologies to support first responders on gun violence and other unforeseen attacks.
  • Promote youth partnerships and recreation programs.
  • Enhance youth job training programs, internships and job placement programs.
  • Make certain that all government decisions include a review of community safety measures.
  • Increase safety around schools, hospitals, day care centres, nursing homes, and other locations.
  • Protect green spaces and build more parks and public spaces, including safe play areas for children and youth.
  • Allow for healthy lifestyles including opportunities to walk, run, bike and spend time outdoors.
  • Build more affordable childcares, schools, playgrounds & splash pads.
  • Enhance arts and music program in public spaces for individuals, artists, and community groups that want to animate our community.
  • Champion more safe and secure parks for children and dog owners.
  • Seek private foundation support to build a linear park space like The Meadowway connecting ravines and parks.
  • Improve the quality of lives with better hospitals, home-cares, age-friendly care services, community centres, parks and public spaces.
  • Provide resources for older people to stay in their own homes help to keep families together.
  • Enable innovative companies to create and sustain good jobs to give our young people a better future.
  • Maintain a range of high-quality educational opportunities that are accessible and meet the needs of all residents.
  • Create local jobs for local youth and part-time job seekers.
  • Promote local arts, music and cultural activities that create jobs.
  • Support local entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Create more training centres and internship placements for youth, new immigrants and displaced workers.
  • Promote and support tech sector to create more high-paying jobs.
  • Promote internships and partnerships between employers and colleges/universities.
  • Support the film, music and entertainment sectors to create more and better jobs.
  • Support small and medium enterprises to expand globally to create more jobs and opportunities for young people.
  • Support industry associations and colleges to host job fairs.
  • Lower taxes on entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Decrease unnecessary paper work for businesses and employers.
  • Build for the future by supporting schools, innovation centres and infrastructure.
  • Lower the tax burden for homeowners and renters, so they may save for the future.
  • Cut wasteful spending and keep taxes low by finding innovative ways to deliver services.
  • Secure funding from provincial and federal governments for capital projects and tackle infrastructure projects.
  • Enhance green energy retrofits on buildings.
  • Encourage more low carbon thermal energy networks.
  • Initiate better public education on recycling.
  • Continue funding arts and culture programs and encourage private sector partnerships.
  • Promote and provide supporting programs like Arts in the Park and Music in the Park to make Toronto a premier arts and music city.
  • Provide tax incentives to support artist spaces.
  • Invest in safe, separated bike lanes and connect gaps in the cycling network.
  • Improve maintenance of bike lanes (e.g. potholes and snow removal).
  • Build more secure bike parking facilities.
  • Streamline registration, payment and service processes.
  • Expand 311 call centre operations and hours.
  • Create more online services and enable efficient and convenient service delivery.
  • Speed up city’s regulatory approvals for residents and businesses.
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