For a Brighter

I want to make Willowdale a safe, prosperous and beautiful place to live, work and raise a family.

Sonny Cho

How can we together build
a beautiful community and a great city?

Let's be honest

We need to cut wasteful expenses, control taxes, and improve services. But let’s not be fooled by unrealistic and short-sighted campaign promises that will inevitably be broken. Let us be honest and be considerate about what can realistically be achieved, responsibly, successfully, and with a clear conscience. Let’s focus on our community priorities and apply our resources wisely and carefully for our future.

Let's build relationships

By working together, we can make the creation of jobs, education, seniors and transportation priorities not just for Willowdale, but for all of Toronto. We share a common interest in a reliable and fast, transportation network and in a world-class education system, to create and retain good jobs. We need strong, productive relationships with other levels of government to achieve a goal of this magnitude.

Let's bring out the best

We have an incredibly talented yet under utilized workforce in our communities that should realize its full potential. Let’s draw upon their considerable abilities and skills and ensure that qualified individuals are able to fully practice their trades, and that foreign trained professionals are not faced with undue hindrances.

Sonny on Key Issues

  •  Making certain that all government decisions include a review of community safety measures.
  • Increase safety around schools, hospitals, day care centres, nursing homes, and other locations.
  • Ensuring that police, firefighting and ambulance services are easily accessible and that first-aid training is provided to residents who are interested.
  • Ensuring that roads, sidewalks and paths are well maintained and safe for all to use year-round.
  • Making connections easier between different types of travel (car, bus, subway, bikes, GO Transit)
  • Enhancing accessibility for all users of roads and public transit, including persons with disabilities and mobility impairments.
  • Meet the needs of children, seniors and families throughout their lives
  • Protect the green spaces and build more parks and public spaces, including safe play areas for children and youth.
  • Allow for healthy lifestyles including opportunities to walk, run, bike and spend time outdoors.
  • Enhance the local economy, create more jobs and generate revenues.
  • There are local jobs for local youth and part-time job seekers.
  • The local arts, music and cultural activities can thrive.
  • Services are available from entrepreneurs who understand local residents.
  • Create opportunities for our youth, new immigrants and displaced workers.
  • Providing the resources to stay in their own homes.
  • Helping to keep families together.
  • Create and retain good jobs to give our children a better future.
  • Maintain a range of high quality educational opportunities that are accessible and meet the needs of all residents.
  • Provide quality services in senior care, childcare, healthcare that is easy to access and affordable to all.
  • Build for the future by supporting schools, innovation centres and infrastructure.
  • Improve the quality of lives with better hospitals, home-care, community centres, parks and public spaces.
  • Lower the tax burden for homeowners and renters, so they may save for the future.
  • Ensuring more income for middle-class residents.
  • Investing in education and training to help people gain the skills and opportunities they need to escape poverty.
  • Allowing more residents to participate in economic success.
  • Protect our environment.
  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Inspire people to engage with their communities and public service.
  • Ensure creative and innovative service delivery.
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