Hi, my name is Sonny Cho

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked passionately in business, community organizations and civic engagement in North York. I am committing all of my efforts towards building a stronger future for hardworking families throughout Willowdale and Newtonbrook.

As an experienced entrepreneur and a strong community leader, and Willowdale resident, I have the courage and vision to make the hard decisions that will make Willowdale and Newtonbroook the best place to live, work and play.

A Willowdale and Newtonbrook where:

  • better transit systems, environmental protections, and checks on high-rise development make our community more livable.
  • the economy is vibrant and sustainable so that the middle-class can prosper and young Canadians have an abundance of job opportunities.
  • seniors enjoy the home support services and healthcare security that they deserve.
  • affordable housing, education and healthcare are available to all.
  • new Canadians can utilize their skills and talents to the full potential.
  • government is open, transparent and accountable.

I believe that the people of Willowdale-Newtonbrook deserve strong representation from their City Councillor; a representative who understands that he is accountable to those who elected him; a representative who knows how to listen.

To ensure that your voice is heard at City Hall, I will host regular meetings at coffee shops and other venues throughout our Ward where you can discuss your concerns and issues with me in person. It is through respectful and collaborative relationships that we can solve the issues facing our community and improve the quality of life we have all come to enjoy.

As entrepreneur running a successful commercial and industrial real estate business, I have helped many Canadian and international manufacturing and technology companies to create jobs in Toronto with location selections, facility building and venture financing.

In my community work, I have worked with and helped many community organizations in Willowdale and Newtownbrook, and Toronto, including senior centres, nursing homes, music groups, scholarship foundations, cultural festivals, community centres, credit unions and United Way in fundraising and in an advisory capacity.

For the past seven years I have served on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Place Corporation helping with the revitalization of the iconic waterfront property in Toronto that is a venue for live music, culture, discovery, films, festivals and concerts and a gathering space for everyone to enjoy the skyline and waterfront trail.

I also serve as the President and CEO of the Canada Korea Business Council to assist Canadian entrepreneurs and companies with strategic insight, network access and practical solutions required to expand international trade.

In my personal time, I enjoy taking my daughter and son to curling, skiing, soccer, and biking.

I come from humble beginnings. Born in Seoul, South Korea, I moved to Toronto as a child with my mom, sister and brother in 1973. My father had arrived two years earlier as a heavy-duty equipment mechanic and worked hard to prepare for arrival of his wife and children. I grew up in very modest circumstances, inheriting my strong work ethic and dedication to my community from my parents.

I took on my first job at age 13 working at a local food market. While studying and working, I played an active role in school’s leadership, including the athletic association, varsity football team and swim team. To fund my university tuition expenses, I worked at the Silverwood Dairy as a yogurt machine operator and as a truck driver at the Hostess Potato Chips, which allowed me to study at the University of Toronto.

After graduating with a degree in Commerce and Finance, I began my career as an accountant and an investment analyst honing my skills in financial management. After several years of working for major corporations, became an entrepreneur so I could have the time and energy for my community activities and help my neighbours.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing from you and working with you to build a stronger community together.


Sonny Cho

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