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5 Reasons to
get involved

It Looks Great on Your CV

There are no shortage of articles and blogs explaining how valued volunteer service is among employers. All the better if that experience is as unique as a political campaign.

It’s A Great
Networking Opportunity

You can never have too many useful connections. On our campaign we are fortunate enough to have volunteers from all walks of life, ranging from professors, doctors, teachers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, film makers, marketing executives and board directors. There aren’t many places where you can access a variety of professionals also looking to expand their personal networks.

Unique Work Experience

Political campaigns are a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment – recognized by employers as a place for the best and the brightest to thrive. Get involved and get an opportunity to build your professional portfolio with real-world, hands-on, work experience.

Learn Something New From Pros

Sonny believes in building a campaign that offers a chance to learn about new fields that can help you in your everyday life. The committee directors on Team Sonny Cho are seasoned professionals committed to passing on knowledge and experience to the people volunteering on their committees. Don’t miss an opportunity to try out something new and gain a new skill in the process.

Make A Difference
In Your Community

At the heart of it all, politics is about making a difference in your community; making a difference in your family’s future; making sure we all get the opportunity to shine our brightest and reach our fullest potential. This campaign is about sending someone to government who shares our values and hopes for our community and is committed to making an impact on the lives of those he represents.

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